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Output format settings

Various types of Output format settings are available in iSofter DVD to MP4 Converter. The following table provides an overview of the tasks you can complete using settings.

Parameter Description
Profile Name :
output Format Name

Audio Codec :

From the drop down list you can select audio codec you want.
Default is : aac


change frequency of the output audio file.
For VCD the audio Frequency must be 24Hz
Default is : 24Hz
change Bitrate of the output audio file.
For VCD the audio bit rate must be 64K
Default is :64K
Video Framerate :

Video Codec Framerate 30(NTSC), 25(PAL)
Default is : 25(PAL)

Output resolution in pixels.
Default is : 368x208
Video Codec:
Select the codec to use in the output file you want to change
Default is: mpeg4
Bitrate: From the drop down list box select the codec to use in the output file.
Default is : 512K
Config: More Video Codec Settings
About: About Video Codec
Quality: you can change video quality with the scroll bar



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